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The Juniper Hotel & Bistro

The Juniper Hotel & Bistro

There's nowhere else in Banff like the Juniper Hotel & Bistro. Like us to see insights into our view, natural setting & handcrafted food.

1 Juniper Way, Banff, AB, Canada T1L 1E1


4.7 / 5.0 from 124 ratings

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As an independent hotel & bistro, our friendly and genuine staff will help you to experience Banff National Park in a deeply personal way, and with local hospitality. Our guests arrive with backpacks as well as suitcases, and throughout the day we see skis on the back deck and climbing ropes waiting to be coiled, and plenty of bikes, smiles, and rosy cheeks. From the moment you set foot in the Juniper, we are your collaborators in helping you to discover Banff National Park. Contact us and we can help you rent a double-kayak, spot a family of elk, take in a yoga class, or catch the best gondola at sunset.

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Food & Beverage
Meeting Room