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Sweetricia's "Seriously Good" Granola

Sweetricia's "Seriously Good" Granola

To foster good health for our customers through the creation of fantastic tasting granola using only high quality, health conscious ingredients.

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Tricia Ginsberg Haberman was raised in Charleston, South Carolina. She lives in the greater Atlanta area; however she bakes in both Atlanta and beautiful Blue Ridge, Georgia, where she and her husband Michael have a cabin. As a child she knew she wanted to be a nurse and pursued nursing after graduating the University of South Carolina. As a hobby, she baked pastries. After many years as a heart surgery nurse at Saint Joseph’s Hospital of Atlanta, she went to culinary school and became a Pastry Chef. Tricia specialized in Cake Decorating, and has learned from several great masters. Tricia’s passion was always to create unique, remarkable sweet creations to complement special occasions. SweeTricia’s was the name of her pastry business and still fits her personality to a T. Over the last year or so Tricia began creating and baking granola, from delicious healthy quality ingredients. Sweetricia’s LLC. uses organic oats, uncrystalized ginger and agave as part of her granola recipe. (Please visit our blog about ginger and agave). Our Mission We combine high quality, health conscious ingredients to create fantastic tasting granolas for your family! Tricia studied gluten free baking granola from the French Pastry School in Chicago, and uses organic Gluten Free (uncontaminated) oats in her Gluten Free line of granola. Tricia now bakes out of two locations to prevent cross-contamination, (not a foreign term to a seasoned OR, Heart Nurse).Folks with gluten sensitivity, and/or celiac disease, can rest assured that SweeTricia’s gluten free granola uses only gluten free ingredients.Sweetricia’s granolas can now be found in 4 delicious flavors, and are available in both gluten free and regular. Simply click on the products tab to see our flavors. During Farmers Market season, Tricia has been setting up shop in beautiful Blue Ridge, Georgia. For your convenience, you can now find Sweetricia’s Granola online for easy purchase and safe shipping. If you are interested in carrying Sweetricia’s granola products at your business location, simply contact us at

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